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Cable assembly: Velda business units for various sectors

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Velda business units: focused design and assembly of cables for various sectors

At Velda Cable Technics' our main activity consists of the design and assembly of fine steel cables for industrial applications. Again and again we put in all our knowledge and expertise to develop the ultimate cable our client is looking for. The success we have yielded with this in various branches of industry has led to the point where today, we can subdivide our know-how and service into different business units. In this way, we can refine our knowledge and services even better in accordance with the needs of each specific sector.


Velda Assembling

Velda Assembling is and remains the motor and think tank of our niche activity: exploring, designing and developing assembled cables. Whatever cable you are seeking for a specific application, we make it tailored to your needs. Experience, expertise and passion have ensured that our cables increasingly are integrating in various industries. Velda Assembling is the source from which all our different business units come into existence. From here, we discover new industries where our cable technology can be applied.


Velda Lighting

After many years of experience in successful projects, we have combined our expertise and service within the lighting industry in the Velda Lighting unit. Our specialized representatives and developers assist you during the development of your new projects and creations. Together with your designers, we create the desired suspension system for your light fittings and installations. Next to this, your new ideas can be combined with our own existing products within the suspension systems. We are convinced that Velda Lighting will always mean that 'something extra' for you.

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Velda Electronics

With our business unit Velda Lighting we soon learned that we could offer yet another surplus value to the lighting industry: the delivery of semi-finished products to European lighting manufacturers. We guarantee the search for components and the assembly of your light fittings. As a customer you can call on our Belgian 'low labour costs structure' for the assembly of your fittings, and make use of our large network of qualified suppliers for the delivery of the components. We assemble the parts and keep the semi-finished products in stock. Thanks to our advanced stock controlling system, we can deliver you within 3 days the exact semi-manufactured product. Herewith we create the space for our product developers and designers to focus on the development of new products and design. Velda Electronics takes care of the logistics and the assembly of semi-finished products, which will be delivered to you just-in-time from Ronse in Belgium.

Velda QS – Velda Twister

Through creativity and extensive experience in suspension systems, we have presented a product of our own on the market. The Velda QS is an improved version of an existing product, a self-attaching suspension system. The Velda QS and the additionally supplied finishing cable are intended for our dealers. The finishing cable is a by Velda assembled cable that together with the Velda QS forms a 'self-locking suspension' system.
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The second product of our own is the Velda Twister, a suspension system that is widely applauded in the industry of building signalisation. The Velda Twister offers the appropriate solution for a simple suspension of small signalisation boards on an artificial ceiling.
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Velda Cycling

Initially, Velda Cable Technics mainly produced bicycle cables reserved for the dealers. Together with our expansion to the other industrial sectors, the bicycle cable market has become one of our business units. Thanks to our good report and reputation which we have built through the years, we now can also put our own production line for bicycle cables on the market.
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Velda Safety

Cables and safety are often mentioned in one breath. Velda Cable Technics has already manufactured numerous custom safety cables for a diversity of applications. Also in the safety sector, Velda has been able to alter its experience and expert knowledge into our own standard product line.
Discover our assortment of Velda safety cables and our dealers' network…


Since 1935, Velda Cable Technics is the specialist for the assembly of cables and every day again we develop new products.
It is crystal-clear, at Velda's we leave no challenge untouched.

Contact us and discover what we have in store for you.

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