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The Velda Quick Suspension system

Wire Rope Detail_edited.png

The fast suspension system

With the Velda Quick Suspension system (QS System), Velda Cable Technics
a quick-hang system on the market that allows installation of electrical, HVAC, piping,
suspended ceilings, signage, etc. greatly changes and simplifies.

The QS system is universal, ready to use and lightweight. The systems are
easy to manipulate and very quick to install.


The Velda QS system can be combined with 2 types of cable: for a cable with diameter 1.50 mm and with a diameter of 3.00 mm. Both versions are available in two colours: aluminum and black. The breaking force, including safety margin, is calculated according to a ratio of 1 to 5.

Recommended workload:
diameter 1.50 mm > 0 - 45 kg
diameter 3.00 mm > 45 - 90 kg



  • Time saving: very fast installation

  • Autoblocking

  • Adjustable without unlocking key

  • Stylized and beautiful design

  • Ready to use and universal

  • Easy adjustment (no tools required)

  • Easy in use

  • Demountable

  • Safe: certified



The Velda QS system has a wide range of applications and is ideal for hanging:
pipes, heating, fan coil units, air distributors, round and rectangular ventilation ducts, air-conditioning cassettes, cooling beams, cable ducts, lighting, light lines, power rails, cable spans, cooling rooms, signage, decoration, acoustic panels, loudspeakers, suspended ceilings, support...

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