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Assembled safety cables: entertainment and safety projects

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Velda Safety: custom assembled safety cables and
standard cables

In the area of safety cables, Velda Cable Technics is a leading player in the European market. Within our business unit Velda Safety, we focus on two important activities.

  • We assemble all kinds of safety cables for the safety industry, the events sector as well as for the building industry and architectural sector. Within the entertainment industry, we provide for a secure suspension and attachment of mechanical and technical materials and equipment at places where people walk under them.
    We especially address herewith stage builders, light and sound installers, DJs, builders of fair halls and stands,
    event organizers, theatre performances, concerts, festivals, kermises, company events,
    demonstrative gatherings, large parties, and many other events. For the architectural and
    building sector, we mainly focus on the installers to secure their materials, like hot air blowers,
    air conditionings, sprinkling systems, etc.

  • We also have our own Velda Safety Cable product line existing of a standard range of safety cables
    for amongst others, distributors of light and sound materials and DJs. Read more about our own
    Velda safety cables …

The assembly of safety cables for the events industry
and other safety purposes

Thanks to years of R&D and experience in technological developments, Velda Cable Technics has become an important player in the market of safety cables for all kinds of industries. Our safety cables prevent materials from falling down in case of potential failure or unintentional release of attachments. For this, we assemble the necessary suspension and safety systems with cables and adapted clamps and hooks to secure decors, sound equipment, light fittings, hot air blowers, air conditionings and other equipment to load receptors like truss pipes and theatre elements. Next to this, we also assemble safety cables for fire cupolas, safety doors, fire services and other applications within the safety domain. Velda engineering thinks along with you to develop the best custom solution for your concept. In this way, the safety cables are adapted completely to the needs of your project.

Some of the safety projects in which our assembled cables are processed

In all the projects where safety cables are used, Velda Cable Technics feels at home. We give some examples of projects in which our safety cables are processed:

  • Cables for fire protection

  • Cables for safety doors

  • Cables for fire services

  • Cables for fire cupolas

  • Cables for computer security

  • Cables for anti-theft installations

  • Anti-fall cables for the suspension of stage lights, sound equipment, loudspeakers, show spots, theatre decors, stage constructions, projectors, screens, led modules, hot air blowers, air conditionings…

  • Cables for gambling machines

  • Anti theft cables to secure garden furniture (restaurants, hotels, pubs, public play grounds)

  • ...

With Velda Cable Technics you are guaranteed secure. Furthermore, our cable applications for good safety are innumerable. Thanks to the perfect support of our engineering services, we assemble the custom safety cables for your project.

Contact us for any information and answers to questions concerning your concept.


Are you a DJ or distributor?
Take a look at our wide standard assortiments of Velda safety cables.

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