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Velda Safety: anti-fall safety cables for entertainment sector

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Certified anti-fall safety cables for entertainment equipment legally required

When organizing major events such as theatre performances, concerts, festivals, exhibitions and presentations, more and more the installation of LED screens, loudspeakers, moving heads, rotating mirror balls, consoles, projectors, flat screens and other screens are fixed at a height. Whether this kind of equipment has a static or rotating utilization or not, as soon as such materials are placed at a height, an independent secondary security is obligatory. Certified anti-fall safety cables have to prevent the materials from falling down when the primary cables and attachment systems would fail or come loose unintentionally. Such anti-fall safety cables not only serve as a protection for people standing or walking under them, but also to optimally secure the equipment from a possible fall. For static elements, the fall may not be greater than 20 cm, for rotating elements not more than 5 cm.

Velda Safety: our own assortment of safety cables for the entertainment sector

Years of R&D, experience and know-how in custom assembled safety cables, have lead us to the development of our own assortment of safety cables for such anti-fall applications. Velda Safety offers a wide standard range which is mainly focused on the entertainment sector that wishes to place or hang sound and light equipment at a height. Our cables as well as matching chain links, carbine hooks and other attachment systems comply with the legal guidelines for applications where people stand or walk under. Velda Safety cables are certified.

Velda Safety's target group: distributors entertainment sector, event organizers

Are you a distributor within the entertainment sector, event organizer or DJ? At Velda's you will find a large range of safety cables and accessories for the suspension of light and sound equipment. Mind you, these safety cables are certified for the suspension of entertainment equipment such as musical installations, lighting elements like show spots and stage lighting, and image equipment, but not for hoisting applications within the building industry.

Do you wish more information on the standard range of custom assembled safety cables?
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