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Suspension systems signalisation and promotion boards

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Close collaboration between Velda
and the building's signalisation industry

Through the years we have built a considerable expertise in the domain of
suspension systems. From the suspension of lighting fixtures en safety cables 
for the suspension of sound and light installations, it is only a small step towards
the suspension of signalisation boards and airport signalisation, promotion boards
and displays. For the suspension of signalisation boards, Velda Cable Technics closely
works together with board signalisation companies. Because this kind of businesses
prefers to offer a total package, it delivers a complete signalisation system to its customers, including our custom-made and assembled suspension systems.


Velda suspension systems for signalisation and promotion boards seen across Europe

The same heading also includes the suspension systems for promotion boards for shops and shopping centres. Large chain stores, supermarkets and department stores across Europe show off colourful promotion signs and neon lights with the qualitative Velda custom suspension systems.
Because of its beautiful design, easy adjustment and high security our Velda QS is especially in flavour as suspension system for promotion boards in this sector. Next to the Velda QS we also have the Velda Twister. Thanks to its very easy operation, this suspension system is very much in demand by the signalisation companies. In an instant you attach any sign on the profile of an artificial ceiling.

Cables and suspension systems
fully tailored to our clients

Velda Cable Technics is your specialist for the suspension of signalisation
boards, promotion boards and displays
. We produce and assemble any cable,
complete with the desired cable finish such as eyes, bended hooks, screw studs,
end plugs, loops, magnets, cross joists, etc. Whatever you have in mind, at Velda's
you are at the right address to have the appropriate custom cables assembled exactly
according to your wishes and needs. Depending on the weight and size of the board,
we calculate the exact breaking stress, including a safety margin of 1 to 5.


Should you have any doubts…
Contact us today and enjoy a perfect suspension system tomorrow.

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