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Velda Lighting: cables, suspension systems and lighting accessories

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Own product line suspension systems and accessories for the suspension of lighting

Velda Cables Technics is an important player within the European sector of fine steel cable assembly for the suspension of lighting and interior. Next to high-tech assembled suspension cables, we also produce within the business unit Velda Lighting our own product line of suspension systems, ceiling attachments and other accessories for the suspension of light fittings. Design, functionality and efficiency have inspired us during the design and the production of our product spectrum.


Check out our catalog with suspension systems here

A wide range of Velda suspension systems, ceiling attachments, cables and accessories

  • Suspension systems
    The functional and ultra safe suspension systems generate a durable solution for the swift and aesthetic commuting of your light fittings. Our suspension systems and ceiling attachments are available in various finishes like nickel-coated, chromium-plated and several RAL colours, with or without a grain structure. On top of that, we offer different types of suspension systems according to the weight and application.

  • Ceiling attachment systems
    For the attachment of cables for lighting to ceilings, floors and walls, we have standard ceiling attachment systems in various sizes, shapes and materials. The choice is made by the cable's diameter, the weight of the hanging object, the underground on which it is placed and your aesthetic preferences. For a correct installation, the right attachment materials like screws and plugs are needed, which can also be delivered by Velda Cable Technics.

  • Cables
    Our stainless steel and galvanized cables are of the highest quality and available in various constructions, diameters and lengths. In addition, you will also find with us coated steel cables in all kinds of colours and materials, and even coloured cables without coating. Also little cables for fall-from-height security are standard available in different lengths and versions.

  • End connectors
    The Velda cables are finished with different types of end connectors like round nipples, cylindrical end pieces in the linear as well as in the diagonal direction of the cable, T-nipples, loops, fixed cable lugs, hook finishes, cross joists and cable ends. All finishes are available in galvanized as well as stainless

  • Accessories
    Velda Cable Technics offers any possible extra component for the installation of lighting and light fittings such as: spacer lugs, turnbuckle forks, chandelier terminals, relief elements, nuts and bolts, various attachment materials, wire-cutters, bending parts, CNC pieces, pincers and matching fixtures to make loops, and even electronic parts. The assembly of semi-finished fittings also belongs to our possibilities.

  • QS
    The Velda QS is a highly safe and fast securing system available in two types of diameters and colours. The QS can be finished according to your needs with a loop, wire end, cross joist, end stop, hook, eye, bended eye, magnet or other finish. The QS is easy to adjust and it looks beautiful thanks to its stylised design.

Fully composed assembly kits, personalisation and manual

At Velda Cable Technics' you will also find complete assembly kits, consisting of suspension systems, ceiling attachments, cables, possible bending parts and other accessories. Any combination is feasible. Ours kits are, if desired, delivered in plastic bags, whether or not personalized with your logo and barcodes. With the enclosed installation manual, the assembly is executed in no time.

Flexibility and custom-made innovative solutions

You cannot find what you need? At our company every problem is a new challenge. Our passion therefore is reflected in each of our products. Next to a standard assortment of more than 50 different types of suspension systems and cables, we also manufacture custom-made products. Together we look for the ideal solution, starting from your drawings and samples. Next and already starting from small series, we completely customize the design and production of the necessary cables with end connectors, suspension systems, attachments and accessories for your lighting installations. Next to the classic raw materials, you can also choose for materials like aluminium, different types of steel, cupper, stainless steel, various synthetic materials.


For all your questions on cables, suspension systems, ceiling attachments, accessories and the QS, please contact us.

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