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Cables for agricultural and horticultural machines

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Assembly of custom cables for
the agricultural and horticultural sector

Since many years Velda Cable Technics has been an established value within
the agricultural and horticultural sector. Thoroughly implemented R&D
within the agricultural and horticultural industry is our source for
innovative technologies, products and solutions. We produce custom-made
cables, carefully assembled for all sorts of applications like tractors, mowing
machines, threshers, picking machines, pulverizing machines and many other
applications, of which you find examples at the bottom of this page. In addition, many garden architects also make an appeal to our services, especially for the construction of fences for gardens and public footpaths, vineyards, pasture land...

Cables for motorised agricultural and horticultural machines

As for the automotive industry, we focus on advanced cables for motorized agricultural and horticultural machinery amongst others. Next to cables for integrated electrical and mechanical controls of windows, doors, sun roofs and boots,
we also make cables for handbrakes, car seats, and control pedals like brake cables, gas cables or
acceleration cables, and clutch cables. Push-pull cables, towing cables and safety cables
are also part of our rich assortment.


Satisfied customers of assembled cables
within the agricultural and horticultural sector

Within the agricultural and horticultural sector, numerous manufacturers have found their way to
Velda Cable Technics for custom assembled cables. We give a list of the types of machinery, in which Velda cables
have been processed.

  • Cables for tractors, trailers…

  • Cables for agricultural machinery: mowing machines, threshers, diggers to machine-lift potatoes, seeders, combines, manure carts, manure slides, bale compressors…

  • Cables for horticultural machinery: mowing machines, horticultural machines, measuring cables for the planting of gardens and parks, choppers, planting machines, machines for the flower plantation…

  • Cables for fruit cultivation machines: picking machines, grape harvesting machines...

  • Cables for pulverizing machines

  • Cables for soil drilling

  • Cables for animal sheds, stables, horseshoes, horse textiles...

  • Cables for the construction of greenhouses

  • Cables for motorised agricultural or horticultural machinery: brake cables, gas cables, acceleration cables, clutch cables, handbrake cables, cables for the gear-box, tachometer cables, towing cables, safety cables for trailers, cables for mechanical controls, emergency stop cables, push-pull cables, cables for the controls of doors, windows, boots, sun roofs...


It has to be clear to you: we completely feel at home in the agricultural and horticultural sector. We develop and/or assemble any cable you are looking for, or we have it in stock.

Do you have questions on our products and services? Feel free to contact us at any time.

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