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Cables for industrial applications and automation

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Custom-made cables for engineering projects within the industrial automation

Thanks to our many years' R&D and experience in technological developments, Velda Cable Technics has grown into a loyal partner in the assembly of cables for diverse industrial applications. Each project within the industrial automation is regarded as a challenge to offer our clients the appropriate solution. Velda engineering thinks along with its clients to develop the best possible customized solution for their concepts. Innovation, quality, flexibility and just-in-time delivery make the collaboration with Velda Cable Technics lead to a successful project.

Velda cables in the most diverse applications for industry and automation

Within the sector of automation, numerous manufacturers
can look back satisfied on a successful collaboration with
Velda Cable Technics. We produce cables cut to size for the most diverse
industrial applications such as systems for manual operation and release,
stopping systems, blocking systems, guy systems and
push-pull applications. 
We develop a cable completely in accordance with
your specifications. Existing methods can be simplified by using
a custom cable.

Examples of industrial applications
in which Velda cables have been processed

Everywhere where cables are incorporated, you will find Velda's signature. A selection of a number of projects, machines and applications within industrial automation:

  • Cables for mechanical engineering: looms, industrial washing machines,
    packing machines, filling machines, woodworking machines, cleaning machines...

  • Cables for production processes: food industry

  • Lifting cables for lifting systems and earthwork machines

  • Cables for stop systems: emergency stop

  • Push and pull cables

  • Tensioning cables for tensioning systems

  • Cables for household appliances and home automation: espresso machines, dishwashers

  • Cables for sectional doors of garages and sheds, and guides for sun blinds

  • Cables for train undercarriages

  • Cables for the furniture industry

  • Cables for the military industry

  • Cables for the fireworks industry

  • Cables for the floor mat industry

  • Cables for sanitary applications: soap dispenser, baths, whirlpools, etc…

The possibilities within the sector of industrial applications are endless.
There are no cables that cannot be made by Velda Cable Technics.

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