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Cables for the building sector

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Endless possibilities in the area of steel cables for the building sector

Within the building sector a lot of specific steel cables are necessary. Both within the residential and industrial buildings construction, the possibilities are endless. Amongst others, we hereby think of cables for hoisting applications like the hoisting of prefab walls, safety cables for the protection of persons, cables for mechanical applications within the domain of cabinet-making like cables and guide rails for pivotal windows, roll-down shutters, garage gates, blinds, and cables for architectural projects. At Velda Cable Technics' we assemble and manufacture both ordinary cables as well as the most complex kind of cables for almost any possible application within the residential and industrial buildings construction.

Velda QS and Velda Twister: universal and handy suspension systems

Next to custom steel cables for all kinds of applications within the residential and
industrial buildings construction, we dispose of our unique Velda QS. This universal
suspension system is simple and easy to install. The application possibilities
are endless such as the suspension of ventilation pipes, cable trays, heat blowers,
piping, electricity, isolation panels, and many more.
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The Velda Twister also is a self-designed universal suspension system that especially
enjoys broad support within the industrial construction sector. The Velda Twister offers
amongst others the right solution for the simple suspension of small indication boards to an
artificial ceiling.
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Why Velda cables?
In conformity with rigorous safety standards, high pulling strength and just-in-time delivery

Next to guide rail systems for blinds, roll-down shutters, windows and gates, we develop complex custom steel cables for architects, contractors and property developers of industrial buildings. Because on the one hand, the specific cables for the building industry have to meet strict safety standards and every building project is different on the other hand, our engineering department discusses and studies each project in detail with our customers. We have our own test laboratory that can guarantee the required pulling strength for diagonal braces, for instance. Velda Cable Technics leaves nothing to chance. All the cables are carefully custom-made to your project and comply with the highest safety standards for the building industry. Furthermore, just-in-time delivery is one of our strengths, thanks to which we are highly regarded within the industrial building construction sector for years. From the construction site, you give us a call and within the week we deliver your diagonal brace at the construction site or at your workshop.

Some of our possibilities: steel cables for the building sector

Thanks to many years of R&D, thorough product knowledge and our own test laboratory, Velda is no stranger to the construction industry anymore. We give some examples from different projects in which Velda cables have been processed.

  • Cables for hoisting cranes

  • Cables for concrete roof trusses and diagonal braces

  • Cables for the safety of people

  • Cables for architectural projects

  • Cables for the suspension of air conditioning installations, fire cupolas, ventilation pipes, cable trays, heat blowers, light fittings…

  • Cables for cabinet-making: pivotal windows, roll-down shutters, gates, garage doors, sectional gates, cantilever doors, porch roofs, blinds, sliding doors …

  • Cables for stair handrails

  • Cables for bathroom sanitary fittings

  • Cables for artificial ceilings

  • Cables for metal constructions

  • Cables for façade covers

Stainless steel cables for the building sector: click here

And if in this list you should not find the cable application you had in mind for your building project, then please feel free to contact us. We create and assemble each cable you want, tailored to your project and conform to the required safety standards in the construction industry.

Contact us with all your questions and cable ideas within the residential and industrial buildings construction.

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