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Cables for the automotive industry

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Custom cable assemblies for the automotive industry

Velda Cable Technics is your source for innovative technologies,
products and solutions for the automotive industry. We offer custom cables, meticulously assembled for any application within the automotive industry. Our technological know-how, among other things, focuses on advanced cables for the integrated operation of power windows and mirrors, cables for mechanical control systems and many other applications, of which you find examples below.

Examples of assembled automotive cables

Within the automotive industry, Velda Cable Technics produced and delivered following types of assembled cables tailored to the customers' needs:

  • Brake cables

  • Cables for the sunshine roof, bonnet and door controls

  • Cables for the mechanics of car seats

  • Cables for the control pedals: accelerator, clutch pedal, brake pedal

  • Cables for the hand brake

  • Cables for the gearbox

  • Cables for the bed suspension system in lorry cabins

  • Cables for the electrical controls of windows and mirrors

  • Speedometer and tachograph cables

  • Towing cables and jump leads

  • Cables for all kinds of mechanical controls

  • Different kinds of safety cables

  • Cables for temperature control

  • Safety cables for trailers and camper vans

  • Push-pull cables

  • Transmission cables

  • Cables for the dead man's switch

  • ...



You have understood, for each application within the automotive industry we develop and/or assemble the unique cable you are looking for.

Do you have a question about our products and services?
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