Cables for lighting and interior

European designers and lighting producers choose Velda cables for lighting and interior

For the sector lighting and interior, Velda Cable Technics assembles custom-made cables for all kinds of applications. With this, we not only address architects, but also the designers and lighting manufacturers throughout Europe. Thanks to continuing research and more than 30 years of experience in product development of cables and fitting suspension systems, we succeed to constantly develop new products that comply with the highest demands of contemporary design and any possible safety regulation in the lighting market and interior applications.

Suspension cables for light fittings, furniture and other interior installations

The assembly of high-tech suspension cables for lighting takes place within our business unit Velda Lighting, where also numerous suspension systems, ceiling suspensions and other accessories can be combined into an aesthetic suspension for all kinds of luminaires. Our assembled suspension cables also are the perfect fit for the attachment of furniture and other interior installations like seats, curtain rails, stair handrails, window frames, clotheslines, floor mats, beds ...

Examples of applications within the sector lighting and interior

Velda Cable Technics can look back at various projects for lighting and interior in which its assembled cables have been processed.

  • Cables for the suspension of luminaires, tubular lamps
  • Cables for shop fittings and supermarkets
  • Cables for interior projects such as the suspension of frames, panels, ceilings, doormats, climbing plants, indicators, clothes hangers, clotheslines, window frames, curtain rails, floor mats ...
  • Cables for the suspension or the securing of furniture like beds, seats, tables, book shelves ...
  • Cables for the different positions of relaxation armchairs
  • Cables for stair handrails
  • Cable systems for show cases
  • ...

Of course, the possibilities we have are not limited to these examples. Are you, as a designer looking for the ultimate cables with the matching aesthetic system for the suspension of your lighting or interior ideas? We think along with you and assemble cables for your innovative project.

Read more on our own Velda Lighting production line: a wide range of suspension systems, ceiling attachments and accessories for all your lighting projects.

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