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Cables for bicycles, motorbikes (and bicycle-related vehicles)

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Assembly of (bicycle-related) cables for bicycle manufacturers, bike dealers, frame builders and


Within the industry of bicycles and motorbikes, Velda Cable Technics just is no stranger anymore. For years now, we produce and distribute brake cables, derailleur cables, acceleration cables, outer cables and cable accessories for bicycle manufacturers and dealers. Naturally, various specifications belong to the assembly of city bikes as well as road bikes, race bikes, fitness bikes, children's bicycles, tandems, reclining bicycles, mountain bikes or ATB's, motorbikes and scooters. We deliver you the inner and outer cables in bulk, both on roll from 50 to 500 metres as well as custom cut. Frame builders are also at the right place at Velda's for a set of coloured cables, which they can sell together with the frame. In this way, the frame builders offer a commercial surplus value to their customers or dealers.

Assembly of custom-made cables for bicycles, motorbikes and other bicycle-related vehicles

Based on our many years of craftsmanship in the assembly of cables, we also offer custom-made cables for different applications regarding bicycles, post bicycles, motorbikes, bicycle trolleys and other bicycle-related vehicles. Constructors of bicycles and motorbikes searching for specific cables can always knock on Velda Cable Technics' door because custom-made goods are one of our specialties. As such, we assemble all kinds of cables along the precise measures and finishing the bicycle manufacturers and bike dealers need.

Examples of assembled bicycle and motorbike cables

Velda Cable Technics delivers following kinds of cables:

  • Brake cables, acceleration cables and derailleur cables for ladies and men's bicycles for city use, folding bikes, cyclist bicycles, race bikes, city bikes, ATB and mountain bikes, child's bicycles, motorbikes, scooters� along the manufacturer's specifications

  • Custom-made cables for post bicycles, trolleys, and other bicycle-related vehicles

  • Own assortment of bicycle cables, outer cables and accessories for the bicycle manufacturer

Are you in search of unique cables for bicycles and/or motorbikes? Do you need exceptional measurements for this? For each kind of cable, we offer the correct solution and assemble your cables according to your specifications.

Feel free to contact us!

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