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Cables for sports and recreation

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Cables for sports and recreation on land, in water and in the air

Within the sector sports and recreation a lot of cables are needed. As in the automotive industry and the bicycles and motorbikes industry, all kinds of cables are needed for the assembly of sailing boats, yachts, jet skis, karts and scooters, for the manual and electrical controls, brake and stopping systems, clutch systems, fastening systems, harness systems and the like. Parachutes also are equipped with various types of cables, which have to meet strict safety standards. Velda Cable Technics owes its expertise in the field of cables for various applications within the sector sports and recreation to many years of experience and R&D in the field of high-tech steel cables. Whatever specifications you need, we develop the right solution for your cables. Thanks to our years of experience we have developed a wide range of standard products that are always available in stock.

​Velda cables for sports nets, tents and architectural stressed canvasses

The sector sports and recreation also includes cables to tighten sports nets like tennis nets, volleyball nets and badminton nets. Equipped with the specific hooks, eyes and securing systems for the nets, the poles and the floor, and always according to the sport technical standards, we manufacture the right cables for sports nets. For architectural canvasses, used to span reception spaces, terraces and other covered spaces, we provide the necessary custom cables. Whether it is about rigging up the sails of a sailing boat or the bedecking of tents and tent structures, Velda Cable Technics has the know-how to develop the most appropriate cables.

Which types of cables can you find at Velda's for sports and recreation

In the sector sports and recreation, Velda is an all-rounder. We give a few of the possibilities we can offer and for which we are the 100% standard supplier.

  • Cables for bicycles, racing bicycles, motorbikes, mopeds, quads, cross-country motorcycles, karts�

  • Cables for sailing boats, jet skis

  • Cables for 4 x 4 SUV's: winches

  • Cables for stainless steel closures around swimming pools

  • Cables for parachutes

  • Cables for trampolines

  • Cables for sports nets: tennis nets, volleyball nets, badminton nets�

  • Cables for tents technology: fun fair tents, circus tents, tents for events�

  • Cables for festive lighting

  • Cables for solariums

  • Cables for hunting traps

  • Cables for gambling machines

  • ...

And in case you did not find within this list the cable application you had in mind in the sports and recreation industry, then just contact us. Your cable is only a phone call away from your desire. Note however, that the custom assembled cables by Velda Cable Technics are only available to the industry and not to individuals.

Contact us with all your questions and cable ideas for sport and recreation.

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